How much does it cost?
All our members pay a termly (3 times a year) subscription to the group.  This fee is currently set at £25 per term for Squirrels, £30 per term for Beavers, £35 per term for Cubs and £40 per term for Scouts. This includes:

  • Membership of the Group, District and National Scout Association
  • Insurance
  • Use of the Scout Hall
  • Cost of materials and resources for weekly meetings

Camps, Trips and some activities are charged separately. As a rough guideline, expect to pay around £20 per 24 hours for a camp (dependant on location, etc). Trips are generally charged “at cost” although we usually get a lower admission rate than the general public!

Is there a Uniform? And how much does that cost?
All our members wear uniform, which can be ordered through MWarrens in Romily – look under each section to see the uniform.  We do encourage members to pass on their uniform when they move on so it is always worth checking if we have anything available. We provide a necker and woggle when your child is invested in to their section so do not worry about getting these.

Will my Child be Safe?
All our leaders undertake DBS (formerly known as CRB) checks, and a strict appointment procedure is followed.  The leader in charge of each section (and many of our other leaders) have undertaken extensive training, covering areas such as Safeguarding, Health and Safety, Challenging Behaviour, etc.  The group has clear behaviour policies which are followed, and we follow the Scout Associations “Young People First” safeguarding procedures.  A qualified first aider is present for all activities and appropriate first aid equipment is available whether we are in the hall or out and about.

Scouting encourages young people to take sensible risks in a controlled way.  Your child will most likely climb trees, light fires and learn to use knives, as well as taking part in a number of adventurous activities.  We recognise that minor injuries are an inevitable part of childhood, but follow risk assessments and operating procedures to ensure that all activities are as safe as possible.

Can Girls join Scouts?
Yes certainly!  Scouts have been co-educational for many years now and we welcome both boys and girls alike.  We also try hard to ensure our leader team is also mixed.
We should point out that there are active Rainbows, Brownies and Guides groups in our area too for those who prefer a female only environment.

Will I be expected to help?
Unless impossible, Yes.  We are a family-orientated group, and encourage all family members to get involved.  Whether its helping occasionally as part of a parent rota, supporting trips or camps, or taking on a more regular leadership role, we are entirely dependant on volunteers to run our weekly section meetings.  Behind the scenes we are supported by an active Executive Committee and fundraising team.

But don’t let that put you off – volunteering for the group is very rewarding, and can be great fun.

Is there a waiting list?
Yes, we do have a waiting list which you are welcome to join.  Unfortunately we are limited in the number of young people who can join us, not by our venue or resources but by the number of adult volunteers we have – if we have more adult volunteers, we can accept more children so please do consider helping us.

At present, waiting lists operate for all three sections, with priority given to those moving up within the group, and to families already involved in the group. Could you help us to offer Scouting to more families in Chinley?

It is well worth adding your child to our waiting list from an early age to increase your chances of a space being available when they reach joining age, and we recommend that wherever possible all children join us as Beavers at age 6, and work up through the group.

To join the waiting list, please see here for details.

How do we Get Involved?

There are many ways you can get involved and help us.  Scouting is adaptable to suit what time and skills you have to offer and we are very grateful for all help we receive.  Please contact us to discuss further.