Scouting is only made possible when enthusiastic adults generously give some of their time to help the young people in our community; everyone involved in scouting is a volunteer and we simply could not do this without you!

In order to continue to build on the opportunities we offer, we need more adults to join our team and make a difference.  There are many different ways you could help us and we’d love to hear from you so please do get in touch.

Ok, so what could you do? – here are some ideas:

Become a leader

We currently need help with both Cubs and Scouts; we need you!  Could you become a Cub Scout Leader or an Assistant Cub Scout Leader or a Scout Leader or an Assistant Scout Leader?

Become a Section Assistant

Would you be happy to go along to help a section when they need some extra hands? – you’d be invaluable!

Become a skills instructor

No, it’s not as hard as it sounds! – Do you take part in an adventurous sport or activity?  You do!, great – would you be willing to share your activity with the different sections in our group.  We can even help you get the qualifications required.

For example, we’d love to have someone willing to lead more adventurous Mountain Bike rides; you’d need a UKCC Level 2 coaching qualification but if you are willing to achieve that, we’d be keen to support you.

Alternatively, you may be a keen climber; again, if you’re happy to get a permit to coach others, we’d be keen to support you.

Perhaps you have skill in another adventurous activity? – again, we’d love to hear from you 🙂

Help run the group

The Group Executive Committee meet approximately once every two months and help to support the leaders and other volunteers in running the group efficiently.  We have a Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and several committee members who help to keep the group in top form.

Caretaker / Handyperson

Our hall needs periodic maintenance and the odd lick of paint – perhaps you could help with that?

Grass Mowing

We try to ensure the grass is cut at least every fortnight during the summer months so that it is always nice for sections to use.  It takes a couple of hours to cut, perhaps you would be happy to join the mowing rota?

Other skills

Perhaps you have another skill we’ve not mentioned that might be useful, please do ask 🙂